Ladies and Gentlemen, please be upstanding for Aileen

This morning the British and Irish Met Offices announced that the first named storm of the 2017 / 2018 winter season would make landfall in the United Kingdom and under the names chosen for this season, that storm would be named Aileen (which the She Knows site states is an Irish name meaning “Light”)

Storm Aileen at maximum strength

Aileen is expected to make a formal landfall in Cumbria at around midnight tonight and when it does so, the strongest winds (of around 60mph) will be on the southern flank of the storm and therefore the worst places to be battered are likely to be the coasts of Western Wales, South Western England and the English Channel. As the storm crosses the country, by Wednesday morning I would not be in the least bit surprised to hear that crossing on the Channel have been cancelled (sustained winds of 63mph) but she will not be finished yet as next Denmark gets a right battering (especially around the German / Danish border) with winds up to 111 kmph (70mph) before going to the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) before dissipating over Finland.

Storm Aileen's Progress through Europe

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