The National Hurricane Centre has just set the biggest cat in amongst the pigeons possible

In January 1839, the “Night of the Big Wind” which the Dublin Daily Press reported “We dare not call this hurricane a phenomenon, however rare or unprecedented. But it will, nevertheless, become a study to our meteorologists” is such a cultural feature of the history of Ireland as the biggest storm ever to make landfall in what is now the Irish Republic with estimates stating that it could have been as big as a cat 3 storm. In 2011, the remains of Hurricane Katia made landfall in Ireland leading to scenes like this


And just as in the UK, the remains of Hurricane Charley led to the same mass flooding, however if what the NHC and NOAA have just published holds true on Monday, then Ireland is about to have it’s second “Night of the Big Wind” and it’s second land falling hurricane

NOAA Forecast published October 14th 2017

Therefore, as your reporter from this neck of the woods (who although assured by the BBC is not a hurricane) will do everything I can to a) report on the effects of Ophelia on the UK and b) raise awareness that, if proof were really needed now, the climate has CHANGED (past tense)

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