This week’s weather in the United Kingdom is going to be…

and that is putting it mildly. At the moment everything is as you would expect for an early December day, there’s a bit of cloud everywhere but generally speaking it’s a non descript sort of day allowing everyone to carry on and generally ignore the weather with the same the true on Tuesday, however on Wednesday we come to the “CRAZY” element of the week. At 6.00am on Wednesday morning, an Atlantic depression approaches Ireland and (as is the case with depressions) a front starts to cross the country (producing up to three inches of rain in some parts of the country)

However, it is what happens when that depression crosses the country that the “OUTRAGEOUS” element comes into play, for when it reaches the east coast, it turns into a polar low (and one of the biggest polar lows I have seen for many a year) and what happens when you have a polar low in winter. It snows or in this case, it blizzards

And what is the result of this? Well, in some parts of Scotland you will up end with 25 cm (10 inches) of lying snow, at the Great Orme in Conwy about 6 cm (2½ inches), and even as far inland as Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire, you could expect to see at least half an inch of snow on the ground (producing scenes like this across the home town of England’s bard)

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